Tunstead – 4 Bed House

An old detached 3 Bedroom property with solid walls and oil boiler.

The customers approached us about heating options for their property after we had already installed an air source heat pump at a friend of theirs.

They were very keen on an air source heat pump and their current (very old) oil boiler was hardly heating the property at all.  We quickly identified the problem areas of the building, mainly the solid walls and got down to sizing the heat pump and radiators required for such a tricky building.

A NIBE 16kw F2040 air source unit was selected and we chose to use Smiths Eco power radiators downstairs and oversized Traditional Stelrad radiators upstairs. Having used the Smiths radiators on other tricky projects we were confident they were up to the job.

The customer chose to have solar pv installed at the same time and we worked closely with Alpha Eco Systems to make sure this went as smoothly as possible. The customer now has lower running costs but more importantly to them a house that is always warm!

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