This is our first blog,  I have read other blogs and they do seem to conform some what.  When I say conform I mean it’s like they say what they want you to read?  ‘Well that’s the point of a blog Pete!!’  this might be true but there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep this up if I have to write it like it’s straight out of a text book,  so it won’t be!

Our family company has been built on honesty,   a mutual understanding between us and our clients that we are straight shooters.   A mutual respect that we treat our customers how we would like to be treated.   We could of called our company ‘Ecoheatingsavetheworldandmoneywithoneofthesegizmos Ltd’  but we didn’t……  we wanted our family name right their from the start.  Our customers know us,  who we are, what were about and what we stand for.  We take great pride in what we do but one thing that I take pride in more than anything else is that we will never walk away from a system that our customers are not happy with.   This renewable heating ‘malarky’ does have a lot of variables and some fine parameters that need dealing with,  from time to time problems do arise.   The fact is we all have problems but I believe it is how we deal with them that moulds and shapes us as a company.

We get a lot of calls about poorly installed systems and would we mind coming to take a look.    Some of these systems may have been the first heat pump this installer has ever fitted but most of them are not, most of them are from ‘big’ companies.  The companies that can afford to grab your attention with a posh advert or radio plug.  The kind of company that sends a man in a suit (usually pin striped!) to explain to potential customers about these great heat pump things in a hope they will buy one.  Most do because this is guy is trained in how to sell a heat pump to customers,  what he is not trained in and 100% has never done is design, install or commission one!   So how can he give you an unbiased decision?  How can he give the customer all the advantages and disadvantages so that they can make a clear decision about what type of system is best for them?   He can’t,  that’s why you shouldn’t let him in!!  😛

I personally commission every single heat pump we install and 90% of the time either the old one (Big Pete) or myself (Little Pete) will be there during installation.   If we are not then 100% you can speak to one of us with any questions you may have in one phone call.

Ground Source Heat Pump Installation North Norfolk

Their are some good firms out there that genuinely have good customer service and want the customer to be happy but it seems to me their are more that don’t,  I know because we get called to put things right,  but then it’s too late, the customers investment has been squashed right from the get go.  ‘Putting things right’ are usually quite costly when it comes to heat pumps and underfloor heating and that’s why it’s important for you to do all you can to get to know your installer and their reputation.


On the next blog I will be doing a Heat Pump FAQ post.  Not the ones you can google!  All the inside goss!!  😉  shhhh!   So that you know some of the answers and also to test the men in pin stripe suits to see if they know, because then you’ll know!!!  No really……. Don’t let them in!

Be Lucky!

Little Pete

You know us. We know heating. We’re the MILLERS……….