Solar Thermal

Why not use the sun’s energy to heat your water with a Solar Thermal Installation from us? 

Miller Installations has installed many Solar Thermal systems throughout Norfolk. We only install quality products from reputable manufacturers so you know one of our Solar Thermal installations is going to last and generate free hot water for you and your family for years to come. Meaning your boiler will do a lot less and also last longer.

We are an MCS Accredited installer so you can trust in our expertise and we offer some very competitive packages using the best products available. Because we are experienced and accredited installers we can also offer 10 year warranties instead of 5.


A solar thermal installation consists of :Solar Thermal

Solar panel/s (flat plates or evacuated tubes)

Twin coil cylinder

Pump station


Expansion Vessel



  • Hot water throughout the year. The system works all year round, though you’ll need to heat the water further with a boiler or immersion heater during the winter months.
  • Reduced energy bills. Sunlight is free, so once you’ve paid for the initial installation your hot water costs will be reduced.
  • Lower carbon footprint. Solar hot water is a green, renewable heating system and can reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.


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