Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heat your home and hot water using heat extracted from the ground by installing a Ground Source Heat Pump.

With a Ground Source Heat Pump Installation from us you can expect a professional and reliable service from your very first enquiry right through to, and beyond, your completed project.

A ground source heat pump works the same way as an air source heat pump but instead of getting the initial heat from the air it collects the heat from the ground. Once you get below the frost line below ground the temperature is quite consistent throughout the year making ground source heat pumps highly efficient.

Ground Source Heat PumpWhen coupled with underfloor heating ground source heat pumps can produce one of the most energy efficient heating systems available. loops or runs of pipe are laid in trenches and then backfilled. This pipework then collects the heat from below ground and takes it to the heat pump.

Most of Sweden heat their homes through ground source heat pumps. We have witnessed them being built at the NIBE factory in Sweden. Each one is tested individually and extensively. The swedes have been doing this for years and are the experts in this field. This is the main reason NIBE are our chosen manufacturer for ground source heat pumps. If it works in their climate you can be confident it will work in ours!


Ground Source Heat Pump Norfolk



  • Less carbon emissions
  • Low maintenance
  • Long life span
  • Excellent for new build
  • Excellent with underfloor heating
  • No dependancy on expensive fuel




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