Air Source Heat Pumps

Cut your fuel bills by heating your home with an Air Source Heat Pump.

Miller Installations supply and install Air Source Heat Pumps throughout Norfolk, offering a complete service from start to finish. From design through to installation as well as support and advice when your project is finished.

An Air source heat pump takes air from the outside which is absorbed and passed through a heat exchanger. After going thorugh a refrigeration system the heat is then compressed and concentrated which creates temperatures that are useable as hot water and space heating. Basically the heat pump works in the opposite way to a fridge.


Air Source Heat Pump
Air source heat pumps work at lower flow temperatures making them an ideal partner for underfloor heating. Air source heat pumps can also be retro fitted straight into an existing heating system but the radiators may need to be replaced and oversized to allow for the lower temperatues.

An Air source heat pump can be up to 400% efficient and for every KW of electricity they use to run they can produce upto 4X that in heat energy.





BenefitsAir Source Heat Pump Installation

  • No dependancy on expensive fuel
  • No fuel deliveries
  • Ideal for remote areas
  • Ideal for new builds
  • Excellent with underfloor heating
  • Located outside so saves space indoors
  • Suitable for heating and hot water
  • Very little maintenance
  • Lower carbon emissions


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